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Data Matrix 2D Barcode Erkennung / Recognition

Data Matrix 2D Barcode Recognition from Images and Files, Version 4.8

Version:  4.8

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Integrate Recognition of 2D Barcode DATA MATRIX in Your Applications

QualitySoft offers a powerful software for barcode recognition from digital images or Adobe PDF-Documents. The images are produced using scanners, digital cameras or fax machines. QS-Barcode SDK has been used successfully for years. The SDK version D recognizes two-dimensional Data Matrix barcodes. The Data Matrix barcode was designed for small parts marking and is today used for small electrical parts, by the pharmaceutical industry for unit dose packaging, by the automotive industry and by NASA. Worldwide It is used by various mail providers as a “stamp”.

Data Matrix may contain up to 2.335 alphanumeric characters, up to 3.116 numbers or 1.556 bytes of binary coded data. Depending on the size of the content the geometric size of the barcode varies from very small to rather big. Data Matrix barcodes have an integrated error correction. It is used to correct automatically error which may occur while printing and reading the barcodes. QS-Barcode supports not only the up to date ECC200 error correction but also the older ones: ECC000, ECC050, ECC080, ECC100 und ECC140.

QS-Barcode SDK is available as a developer library (C-Lib, DLL and OCX). It can easily be integrated into your existing programs. You also receive our test program bcTester. Here you can test your barcodes using different parameters.
Our toolkit also includes: detailed documentation, header file and developer library, 1 runtime license and several code examples in C, C++, Java, Visual Basic, Delphi and MS Access.

Download a free evaluation copy of QS-Barcode SDK from

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Software developers - looking for a professional tool to integrate 2D Data Matrix barcode recognition

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