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CodeTwo Exchange Sync

Synchronize Exchange Server various folders automatically, with various different options
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CodeTwo Exchange Sync is a software which enables automatic synchronization of Microsoft Exchange Server folders and user's personal folders as emails, tasks, calendars, contacts and others Outlook items. The program offers such options as for example synchronization of data between users' mailboxes or syncing Public Folders with mobile devices. The installation and setting up of the software is really easy and doesn’t take more than just few minutes.

Thanks to CodeTwo Exchange sync, server administrator is able to create 'synchronization tasks' between selected folders. The data is synchronized automatically and all the changes are visible immediately – in real time. The software offers many different types of synchronization that can be used in various business situations. You can choose one of the following syncing scenarios: one-way, two-way, one-to-one, one-to-many or many-to-one. The program also allows to modify synchronization options on the fly and to apply many useful filters.

CodeTwo Exchange Sync also solves the problem with synchronization of Public Folders with mobile devices. Furthermore It doesn't require any additional installation of a software on your smartphone or tablet, saving your limited drive space and memory resources.

CodeTwo Exchange sync offers so many various options of synchronization that will certainly become a powerful collaboration tool. It can be used of companies of any size and any kind of business profile. You can find more information on the website.

Target groups:
  • companies of any size using Exchange Server
  • companies having employees working outside the office and connecting to exchange servers using their mobile devices
399.00 EUR (399.00 EUR plus 0% VAT) - Small Business Server
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Frau Agnieszka Janowicz
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