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COAGO MES - Manufacturing Execution/Shop Floor System

Version:  3.2_MES

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The MES system COAGO MES is able to map production processes beginning with the recipe and incorporating all process steps such as mixing, compound, extrusion, and co-extrusion, calender, slitting/formatting, and palletizing.

The refining of rolls, reels, and sheets, e.g. coating, laminating, printing, and mono and biaxial stretching is also covered by this industry software. Additional modules such as quality control, batch tracking, and production reporting and controlling make this industry package for producing and refining film into a homogeneous system for all manufacturing-relevant requirements under an ERP system.

About GRASS GmbH:

GRASS GmbH, with headquarters in Bad Kreuznach, Germany has specialized particularly in all the manufacturing and refining processes associated with rolls, reels and sheets and is proud to include worldwide leading manufacturers to its client repertoire.

Your guarantee for maximum benefit:

GRASS GmbH has over 20 years of experience in the films industry. With profound and long time proven knowledge of all films-related production processes and requirements GRASS´s clients to gain maximum benefit through the cooperation with GRASS.

GRASS–consultants are specialists in their client´s field of production processes and clients benefit from GRASS's best-practice-solutions and detailed knowledge. There´s no need to educate and train our consultants before they understand your business processes an bring you the deserved benefit and payback of your investment!

Your production processes are:
e.g. mixing of resins or liquids, colour mixing, mono-/ co-extrusion, calandering, slitting, coating, laminating, printing and packing, etc.

You are looking for a Manufacturing Execution System or Shop Floor System solution for your films and/or rolled material´s production processes?

Then COAGO MES and Grass GmbH is your choice. 

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Target groups:
  • films
  • paper
  • nonwovens
  • tixtiles
  • board
  • packaging industry
  • rolls
  • reels
  • coils
  • production
  • converting
  • refinement
  • processing
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Already more than 5.000 users located on 25 sites in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Protugal, Thailand, China, Russia, Canada und the USA are supported by our Manufacturing Execution System COAGO.

We are proud to include worldwide leading manufacturers to our client repertoire. Surely many of them are very familiar to you, most of them eiter as clients, suppliers and/or competitors. Please contact us for more details.

Contact information::
Herr Dipl.Kfm. Joachim R. Schütz
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