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Cloud base POS - Key Software Solution 057 167 2086

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POS – Point of Sale

KEY Cloud-based point of sale software is the latest trend in POS software and is increasing in popularity everyday. The system itself can be directly accessed from the Web and is usually compatible with most point of sale hardware, including printers, cash register drawers, etc. Also, cloud-based point of sale systems offer convenience and cost significantly less since vendors can easily access their customer data from virtually anywhere there’s a Wi-Fi connection.

Benefits of Using Cloud POS

Technology moves on and new features are often launched. Today many POS systems are cloud based and this can be a real advantage As it offers many features and facilities to your store. Here we list some good reasons to have a cloud based POS system and  increase your productivity.

1. Flexibility

A cloud based POS system can be accessed from any devices as long As it has a browser. From a phone or a tablet, from work or from your sofa, you will always have access to your data. Managing your business doesn’t mean that you have to be in your store anymore.

2. Mobility

Besides managing your business from home, a cloud based POS system also allows you to be mobile inside the store. As the system can be used from a portable device, it allows sellers to move around with the equipment. This can be very practical As vendors can have the product’s information quickly available. Moreover, this feature is extremely used in restaurants As it allows waitresses to automatically send orders to the kitchen printer, and take payments at the customer's tables. Having an KEY POS system therefore improves customer service.

3. Real Time Processing

As soon As an item is sold, the cloud based POS system instantly saves the information. Sales reports, stocks and customer information are always updated

4. Secure Backup

With a cloud based POS system, data is always saved online, which makes the system safer. Additionally, As everything is automatic, you don’t need to worry about where and how often your data needs to be backed up.

5. Personalized POS System

A cloud based POS system has many different options and you can decide which ones you need for your store and which ones you don’t. Marketing, accounting and loyalty programs can be totally adapted to your needs. You might need a management option to help you successfully control your employees. Also, it could maybe profit your store to have a powerful loyalty program that could advertise your business.

6. Accuracy

Many small businesses have struggled with unrecorded sales and inaccurate inventory. Your staff ends up spending more time trying to track down these mistakes than helping customers and closing new sales, and that inhibits business growth and profit.

7. Remote control

POS systems can be controlled on your mobile device and through the Cloud. You don’t have to be present in the store to know what’s happening when you have a good POS system in place. If you’re a manager, you’ve probably noticed your business suffers when you’re away.

8. Consistency

Due to human error and other factors, a product may end up costing more at one store location than another. POS systems eliminate this problem, thus guaranteeing improved customer care and a reputation for integrity. Maintaining consistent pricing is a professional function, and a POS system is the best way to achieve it

9. Inventory

Managing inventory without a POS system can be a nightmare. Especially for companies that have both an online and physical store, consistency in inventory is incredibly important. Quality POS software allows for accurate, efficient inventory. Without POS software, many businesses are unable to keep track of their inventory or sort it in a useful way. With POS software, you can sort your merchandise by type, class, item description, and more, depending on the product.

10.Ease of managing promotions

Promotions are essential to many small businesses for both attracting and retaining customers. Especially when it comes to short-term promotions, many businesses struggle to keep track of the terms, duration, and specifications. Most businesses have multiple promotions occurring at the same time. Failing to keep track of promotions leads to lost sales and lost patrons because customer care suffers. POS systems allow small businesses to track the promotions and profits of any offer with ease. If you have good POS software, you can determine what kinds of promotions make a profit and provide the best customer care.

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