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Automated API Regression Testing Framework

Automated Regression Testing Framework

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The Regression Testing Framework is capable of executing parallel tests on two client-based environments. The tests are executed via implementing and defining a set of API atomical tests. The two instances are usually running on different environment - one is a copy of Production, and the other one contains the latest client-based code and customization.

The whole process is automated and STP as much as possible, and only an initial configuration is required. Once this is done, the business user can execute Regression tests, based on Test "Suites" he defines. 

Execution of Test on Schedule is possible and higly recommended.

Parametrization of the tests is easily done, and the business user can define a set of business dates and variables to use troughout his test scenarios.

All Test Results are produced in Excel, wher a comparison report between the two environments' results is displayed. The whole set of results for the "Test Suite" can be exported in .zip file for archiving purposes.

User Permission and access rights are existing and can be setup. Our Product works with either internally defined users, or with LDAP-based security. Mutli-user usability is out-of-the box.


Target groups:
  • Banks using Calypso
  • Financial institutions using Calypso or Allegro
  • Corporations wantint to automate regression testing for large Java, .NET-based or other systems


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Win XP
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