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ARCAD-Deliver - Release Management

A powerful release management solution
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ARCAD-Deliver is a powerful release management solution that automates and tracks the deployment of any component type to your production boxes. From its central console you can pilot your deployment from a single point. Its main strength is the simultaneous deployment of components to production on multiple different IBM i, AIX, Linux or Windows servers in one single process, ensuring:

  • Traceability at component level of who did what, where, and when?
  • Security with a proprietary secured transfer protocol
  • Reliability through automatic rollback, allowing return to the previous release at any stage in your implementation

ARCAD-Deliver has all the features needed for 100% automation of transfers to production, such as:

  • Dynamic changes to your configuration files
  • Management of your database upgrade procedures
  • Handling of your configuration specifics such as stop and restart of the application server


  • 100% automation of multi- platform delivery
  • Highly integrated approach
  • Open architecture
  • One single process for synchronized, multi-platform deployment (IBM i, Windows, AIX, Linux)
  • Rollback on error
  • Common point of control and traceability
  • Unified delivery process for multiple change management products (TFS, VSS, CVS, SVN, RTC, …)
  • Minimized user downtime during update of high volume data
  • Proven, repeatable process to update your applications


  • Increased security of deployment
  • Timely and accurate delivery phases
  • Complete traceability of delivery process
  • Perfect coordination between development and production
  • Reduced risk of regression in production
  • Increased application reliability/availability
Target groups:

ARCAD-Deliver allows you to strongly segregate duties between development and production, for both your legacy and new technology applications.

from 8970.00 EUR (7500.00 EUR plus 19.6% VAT) - + 2392 EUR per additional site
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