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intelligent content filtering, proxy server, firewall and ssl-vpn-termination

Version:  8

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AllegroSurf - Web Conent Filter, Connection Sharing and Network Management in ONE!

Control and understand how your Internet connection is being used. Whether you need content filtering at a school or need to manage your company's bandwidth usage, AllegroSurf will save you time and money by helping you to control your valuable resources.

AllegroSurf allows you to use a single internet connection and share it with the rest of the computers on your network. AllegroSurf will also increase browsing speed by prefetching pages then loading them from cache when viewed later. 

AllegroSurf® 8.1 is a superior parental control component for filtering website content and other unwanted internet sites from your network or just a single PC.
Target groups:

schools, families, from small to multinational companies, home usage...

whereever you want to share and control an internet connection with others.

from 35.94 EUR (29.95 EUR plus 20% VAT)
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