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Advance Steel

A high-end user friendly modeling software!
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Dedicated to Steelwork Construction, Advance Steel is THE indispensable AutoCAD® extension for 3D structural modeling, detailing and fabrication (creates NC Code). Advance Steel is a major AutoCAD® extension that transforms the generic platform into an unsurpassed professional structural steel creation environment. Advance Steel dramatically increases general project throughput by extensive use of drag and drop intelligent objects (profiles, joints, etc.), wizards, single click functions and visual management tools.Correspondingly, Advance Steel has a small learning curve hence novice users can create, manage, modify complex intelligent 3D models and all associated drawings faster and with less effort than static 2D drawings.

Create the framing within minutes

Advance Steel ensures precise, efficient, fast modeling and its unique technology automatically creates your general arrangement drawings, detail drawings, material lists and NC files. Start modeling your columns, floor beams, bracings, girts and miscellaneous steelwork (stairs, railings, etc.) with easy to use Advance objects and assemblies that snap in place. Visual dialog boxes immediately pop-up to customize preferences and dimensions. Advance Steel provides an extensive library that includes hundreds of connections that intelligently snap in place and instantly adapt to ongoing model changes with visual feedback. The powerful “Quick connect” function automatically creates and designs all standard connections in the project according to user preferences. Advance Steel then performs a final check: element collision detection, construction tool accessibility and object numbering correction.

Create all drawings automatically

Now that your model is finished with members, connections and correctly numbered you can use the automatic drawing creation for:

  • General arrangement drawings (isometric views, elevations, floor plans, etc.)
  • Sections and close ups
  • Fabrication drawings (assembly drawings, single part drawings, etc.)

Dimensions and labels are automatically placed and easily modified using a visual wizard tool (welds, level symbols, etc.). And if that’s not enough… You can use all AutoCAD® functions to obtain the highest level of detail!

A major time saver: Advance Steel automatic drawing consistency check! When the model is modified all the relevant drawings are updated automatically upon your approval!

Print your lists and bills of material

Now that your drawings are ready, Advance Steel can create all material lists in addition to NC files. Advance Steel includes many predefined report formats (beam lists, plate lists, etc.) and supports custom templates: content definition, customizable sorting, logos and pictures, etc. The Advance Steel “Document Manager” offers a centralized, time saving visual tracking and management system (drawings, lists, NC files, etc.).You can check your drawings at a glance, sort out the drawings or print the material lists!

Control your model stability with Advance Design

Advance Steel is part of the GRAITEC Advance CAD / Design software series. This modular end to end solution offers the advantage of fluid workflow from the initial structural concept to final design and production output. Our software integration saves considerable time by virtually eliminating double entries and redundant work!

Minimum recommended configuration:

Pentium IV with min. 2 GHz, 2 GB RAM and 128 MB graphic card.Windows Vista or Windows XP Professional. AutoCAD® 2004 or higher.This configuration may change depending on the evolution of operating systems and AutoCAD®.

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