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Advance Concrete

A high-end user friendly modeling software!
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Specifically developed for structural engineers and detailers, Advance Concrete is the essential AutoCAD extension for modeling and automated creation of construction and reinforcement drawings. Advance Concrete saves you money by providing an ideal project workflow with powerful tools for quick placement of the structural elements, automated detail view creation, rapid reinforcement, and a revolutionary drawing environment.

Accelerated modeling

Modeling must be precise, efficient, and fast since the model is an essential component in the creation of all structural and reinforcement drawings, lists, etc.To facilitate your modeling, Advance Concrete offers you a comprehensive objects library (slabs, beams, columns, walls, stairs, foundations, and openings) containing the objects’ associated properties. Select an element on the toolbar and draw: it’s that simple to use! Maintain your AutoCAD® working habits with Advance Concrete. Draw your structure in plan view and, using a specified height level, Advance Concrete restores the third dimension, automatically creating your sections and isometric views! Numerous automated functions are also available: creation of footings, positioning of slopes, roofs and stairs, level duplication, element copy/paste, etc. Overlapping elements, collision detection and openings correction are easily accomplished with this sophisticated software.

Optimize your workflow with automated drawing creation

Advance Concrete automatically creates plan views, cuts or local sections, elevations, and isometric views from the model. Advance Concrete offers automated numbering and dimensioning tools to further enhance the workflow and optimize the drawing creation process. To save you time and increase security, these innovative tools automatically update changes to all drawings in the project. Improve cost assessment throughout your projects using Advance Concrete’s bill of materials, created directly from the model, at any stage of the design process.

Reinforcement : double your productivity!

Two unique approaches are available for reinforcement with Advance Concrete:

1. Parametric reinforcement: Associate a “reinforcement style” to every structural element specifying the number of bars, diameters, concrete covers, and spacing. Advance Concrete then creates the views with the necessary reinforcement and visual elements. The reinforcement cage adjusts to the formwork and is updated when modifications occur. Reinforcement of beams, columns, walls, footings, elevator cages, and stairs …is automatic!

2. Reinforcement drawing: A comprehensive reinforcement library (straight, rectangular, pin or circular bar, etc.) enables the reinforcement of a structure drawn on a 2D plan. Advance Concrete precisely manages the concrete covers, bar diameter, fillet radius, etc. In addition, Advance Concrete outlines the fabrics and optimizes the trimming.

The reinforcement cage 3D viewer allows you to control the reinforcement arrangement and check collisions.Advance Concrete offers many other tools (labels, bending details, specific dimensions, etc.). Lists are also automatically created and updated when modifications occur.Increase your productivity and drastically reduce error risks with Advance Concrete.

Control your model stability with Advance Design!

Advance Concrete is part of the GRAITEC Advance CAD / Design suite. This modular end-to-end solution offers the advantage of fluid workflow from the initial structural concept to final design and production output. Our software integration, with its GTC technology*, saves considerable time by virtually eliminating double entries and redundant work! For example, Advance Concrete can retrieve in real time all modifications (section optimization, new structural elements, etc.) made in Advance Design and automatically update all drawings!

*The GTC technology, included in all GRAITEC Advance software, enables data synchronization.

Minimum recommended configuration:

Pentium IV with min. 2 GHz, 2 GB RAM and 128 MB graphic card.Windows Vista or Windows XP Professional. AutoCAD® 2004 or higher.This configuration may change depending on the evolution of operating systems and AutoCAD®.

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