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The roots of TD-IS, s.r.o. are dated back to 1995, when TECHNODAT established a new department to support PDM application CADIM by Eigner & Partner. Activities of the new department were rapidly growing and resulted in establishing a new subsidiary of Technodat company - Technodat, informační systémy, s.r.o. in 2000. And 2006 was the year, when Technodat, informační systémy, s.r.o. separated completely from Technodat Group and got its current name TD-IS, s.r.o.

During its existence, TD-IS has successfully realized many PLM/DMS/ERP projects and has become the leading supplier of PLM/DMS solutions in our region. We have also expanded our activities - apart from the key ERP/PLM/DMS solutions we can also provide reliable storage and backup solutions, and software and hardware infrastructure for our customers. The separation from Technodat Group and long-term experience of our professionals with many systems enabled TD-IS to become a completely independent system integrator.


  • 1995 - EDB divisions in Technodat group, the first projects based on PLM software CADIM from company Eigner & Partner.
  • 2000 - Technodat established daughter company Technodat, informační systémy, s.r.o. , headquartered in Zlín, development of DMS software EasyArchiv and the first projects based on this solution, the first real PLM projects based on Eigner solution like Bomar or Mesit.
  • 2002 - The most important PLM customers - ŠKODA POWER (700 users) and OEZ (400 users).
  • 2004 - Development of EasyTechnology – ERP for small and middle industrial customers.
  • 2005 - The most important DMS customer – ŠKODA HOLDING (2,000 users in several sites).
  • 2006 - Separated from Technodat group, new name TD-IS, s.r.o., headquarter in Plzeň.
  • 2007 - Acquisition of company Bohemia Software, development of new generation of EasyTechnology.
  • 2008 - Accreditation as ORACLE CERTIFIED PARTNER.
  • 2010 - Accreditation as Oracle Gold Partner.
  • 2010 - Certified partner of STORMWARE s.r.o. for their economical and financial products.


  • Supply, implementation, training and service of DMS, PLM and ERP solutions and support tools (hardware and software infrastructure, database, viewers, plot-management, data storage management, ...) based on applications and technologies mainly from Oracle and our internal development.
  • System integration ERP, PLM, DMS, CRM, SCM and CAx systems
  • Realized integrations ERP – Oracle, SAP, BaaN, IFS, MFG/Pro, QAD, Orsoft, …
  • Realized integrations CAD – CATIA, PRO/E, Inventor, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, …
  • Optimization of business processes focused on the life cycle of a product (PLM), production and document management.
  • Development and implementation of own software products EasyArchiv (DMS), EasyPLM (PLM), EasyTechnology (ERP), and specialized software (including scientific calculations) per customer specification.
  • Outsourcing of information technology (SaaS, database management, PLM / ERP systems administration, …)
  • Localization of software products
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TD-IS, s.r.o.
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