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Answerbase is a knowledge management platform for customer support and e-commerce, allowing users to ask questions, receive quality answers, and browse relevant content and articles to meet their demand for information about your products and services. Each system comes with easy to use administration and moderation tools to customize, manage and grow an engaging platform that saves your business time and resources by reducing duplicate inquiries.

Advanced features like moderation, user group management (giving users the appropriate content access and functional permissions), actionable content insights, collaboration notes, answer drafting and private question management give administrators the tools they need to effectively manage all of your content, users and access.

Businesses have the ability to enable or disable community Q&A capabilities, giving you the ability to effectively leverage the expertise of your customers, product evangelists, and other industry experts. Allow select experts and thought leaders to answer questions, maintain a profile, vote on the quality of answers and be recognized for their contributions on leader boards with reputation points, badges and highlighted areas of expertise.

Answerbase’s white-labeled platform allows you to easily customize the look and feel of your site. Simply add your logo and select a color scheme for your site for a quick setup, or use the advanced tools to add your own header, footer, CSS, and more, for full control over your platform's design and navigation. Widget builders and API’s empower you to accomplish even the most sophisticated integrations or even build your own Answerbase-powered Q&A applications.


Answerbase Enterprise allows for 100% custom adaptations and developments to take whatever ideas, new functionalities or integration requirements you may have and make them a reality. Our knowledgeable team will manage setup, integration, and provide web-based education and training to make sure your team has all the tools and information they need to successfully manage and grow your site.

Areas of Expertise

Reduce Duplicate Inquiries


On average, Answerbase reduces calls, e-mails, support tickets, and other inquiries by more than 30%. By allowing your customers access to a growing pool of helpful content and information that satisfies their needs on Answerbase, more of your customers are able to autonomously help themselves and get quick answers. This leads to more satisfied customers that are able to solve their support issue quicker or make their purchase decision faster without having to contact with an associate.

Identifies Valuable Content Insights

Answerbase site owners are able to see what Q&A posts and topics are generating the most demand through our actionable content insights. You are able to easily identify and determine what you should concentrate on creating more in-depth Q&A, article and/or blog posts about. This process allows you to adjust your content strategy and creation to fill the information gaps that will best serve your customers.

Provides Community Driven Support

Customer support software is not, and should not, be just ticketing solutions. When it makes sense to do so, open up Answerbase to capture community driven support. Allow CSR’s, subject matter experts, product evangelists and other customers to answer questions. The fact is that collaboration produces the best quality answers. On average, our customers see a 30% or more reduction in duplicate inquiries, which saves them time, money and other resources. It’s the perfect way to scale and improve your support offerings even through expected CSR turnover.

Q&A That Will Increase Conversions


Q&A readers on e-commerce product pages are far more likely to convert than those who don’t read product page Q&A. Answerbase’s product page Q&A widgets help you stay in contact with your customers and build relationships, so they continue to engage with you. Answerbase’s product page Q&A answers those pre-sales questions and fills in the information gaps to give your customers the confidence they need to make their purchase decisions faster.


Dramatically Grow Search Engine Traffic

For public customer support sites and e-commerce stores, the Answerbase Q&A platform is an effective way to build relevant content that attracts new visitors to your website via search engines. Each question asked generates a new page on your system that has Search Engine Optimized page titles, URLs, and descriptions. As people with similar issues use search engines to find solutions, your content shows up in the results and brings new visitors to your site who are interested in your content, products/services and brand.

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