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Our business is the international distribution of address directories on CD-ROM. We offer marketing and purchase databases, as well as telephone-books and Yellow Pages from all over the world. Since the company was formed in 1994, it has established itself as one of the leading names in this sector within a short timeframe.

The demand for our digital and printed products has been rising continuously. The sale of international products alone has resulted in impressive two-digit increases yearly. 40% of our sales are from abroad. We are proud to be one of the "key-players" in Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, Great Britain and the US. This success is partly due to localised homepages individually constructed for each country. Extensive partnerships and co operations in Germany, France, India, Australia and the USA guarantee a continuous supply of international and current listings. Faust Information Ltd is located in Düsseldorf, Germany. Our team currently consists of 11 highly-motivated employees.

Your advantage
We are independent from producers and publishers. Consequently, we can offer a wide range of diverse products. More than 1.5 billion addresses and phone numbers, as well as 250 million business listings of companies from 200 countries are part of our assortment on CD-ROM. You can purchase many of these directories exclusively at Faust Information! This is a unique offer worldwide! You will not find a greater diversity of directories anywhere!

If you are experiencing any difficulties finding the product that best matches your needs, call us and we will help you! We critically analyze the content of each database and the advantages for each individual customer.

In case of any further questions and problems, our team of professional consultants will be happy to advise you at any time!

The products
Nowadays, business directories on CD-ROM are indispensable. Unique selling points include low purchase costs, extensive information and a variety of applications. Phone directories on CD-ROM are appropriate for basic information research. Yellow Pages and purchase guides on show reference data. Marketing databases provide business information for strategic sales management, analysis of potential customers and competitors, as well as for direct marketing campaigns eg. mailings or telephone marketing. Due to a great variety of seletion criteria, irrelevant targets can be reduced considerably. Thus, you can usefully integrate address databases in your marketing strategies.

In addition, we distribute printed international telecommunication directories from over 30 countries. After Deutsche Telekom (Germany`s biggest telecommunication company) discontinued the dispatch of these directories, we have taken over the distribution in Germany.

Corporate Information
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Manufacturing and distribution of the following software products
Niederlande 2009: De professionele gids Nederland - Firmendatenbank email reference Nederland - Business directory of the Netherlands
Belgien: De professionele gids Belgium - Firmendatenbank Business Directory of Belgium: De professionele Gids, email reference
Belgien 2012: Belgium Office - Adressdatenbank Infobel Belgium Office - Telephone and Business Directory of Belgium CD-ROM
Belgien 2012: Infobel Belgium Business - Firmenadressen Infobel Belgium Business - Business directory
Global 2010 : World Business CD-ROM Firmenverzeichnis World Business CD-ROM
Schweiz: Twixtel - Adressen, Telefonbuch Twixtel Switzerland - Business and residential listings
Spanien 2012: Infobel Espana - Firmenadressen Infobel España Office - Telephone + business directory of Spain
UK 2009: Business Directory of UK - Firmenverzeichnis UK - Business Directory of United Kingdom
Taiwan 2011: Business Directory of Taiwan - Adressen Taiwan Business Directory
Global Listed Company Directory CD-ROM Collection of companies listed in global market incl.New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, etc
US White Pages 2012- Consumer & Residential Lists Over 95 Million US Households with Land Line phone Connections with No Export/Print Limit!
Afrika (southern) - Braby's Red index on CD Business database Africa Business Database, South Arfrica, Business
Business Database of Angola Business Database for Angola including 4.900 entries of enterprises
Asia Business Listings - Asia Business Directory Package Business Listings of Asia with entries of 265.000 entreprises
Australia & New Zealand Business Directory Business Directory for Australia and New Zealand
Business Directory Austria 2011 - Marketing CD business Business Directory of Austria with entries of 342.000 entreprises
Brunei 2011/ 2012 - White Pages of Brunei Darussalam Brunei 2010 - White Pages of Brunei Darussalam
Canada 2010 - Canada Business Database Canada Business Database
Canada Street Atlas Plus Business Listings - DVD-ROM Business Listings for Canada
China 2011 - Business Directories Package Greater China Business Directories of China
China Business Database CD-ROM China Business Database
Croatia Address CD - Telefonski imenik Republike Hrvatske Address CD of Croatia
Czech Republic Business Directory - Major companies in Czech Czech Republic Business Directory
France Business Listings 2009- France Business Directory France Business Listings - France Business Directory
Company Database Saudi Arabia – Discover Saudi Arabia Companies 122,000 Companies from Saudi Arabia – Company Database - Discover Saudi Arabia Companies
Seibt Industry Information - Germany Industry database to search for companies of the packaging, environmental and medical tech
Business Directory ME – Middle East Banking & Insurance Directory 15,000 Companies from Middle East – Business Directory - Banking & Insurance Directory
Business Database UAE - Discover United Arab Emirates Companies 945,000 Companies from UAE – Business Database - Discover United Arab Emirates Companies
Business Leads Oman - Discover Oman Companies 38,600 Companies from Oman – Business Leads - Discover Oman Companies
Mailing Lists Bahrain 2012 – Discover Bahrain Companies 18,000 Companies from Bahrain – Mailing Lists - Discover Bahrain Companies
Mailing Listings Kuwait 2012– Discover Kuwait Companies 45,000 Companies from Kuwait – Mailing Listings - Discover Kuwait Companies
Business Directory Lebanon 2012 – Discover Lebanon Companies 50,000 Companies from Lebanon – Business Directory - Discover Lebanon Companies
Business Database Jordan – Discover Jordan Companies 74,500Companies from Jordan – Business Database - Discover Jordan Companies
Business Leads Syria – Discover Syria Companies 80,600 Companies from Syria – Business Leads - Discover Syria Companies
Sales Leads Egypt 2012 – Discover Egypt Companies 179,300 Companies from Egypt – Sales Leads - Discover Egypt Companies
Mailing Lists ME – Middle East Building & Construction Directory 95,000 Companies from Middle East – Sales Leads - Building & Construction Directory
Mailing Listings Middle East 2010 – Middle East Healthcare Directory 62,000 Companies from Middle East – Mailing Listings - Middle East Healthcare Directory
Company Database ME – Middle East Education, Training & H.R Directory 7,700 Companies from Middle East – Company Database - Education, Training & H.R. Directory
Business Directory Middle East – Middle East Banking & Insurance Direc 15,000 Companies from Middle East – Business Directory - Middle East Banking & Insurance D
Firmendaten Armenien - Business Directory and Yellow Pages of Armenia 5.600 Unternehmen aus Armenien - Firmendaten - Business Directory and Yellow Pages of Arm
Firmenadresse Brunei 2012 - Telephone Directory of Brunei Darussalam 8,000 Unternehmen aus Brunei - Firmenadresse - Telephone Directory of Brunei Darussalam
Firmendaten Global 2008 - Worldwide Business Contact Names 2.510.000 Unternehmen Weltweit – Firmendaten - Worldwide Business Contact Names
Firmenadresse Global - 35 Million Worldwide Business Database 35.000.000 Unternehmen Weltweit – Firmenadresse - 32 Million Worldwide Business Database
Firmendatenbanken Global - Global Trade Directory 2011 1.000.000 Unternehmen Weltweit - Firmendatenbanken - Global Trade Directory
Adressen Großbritannien 2012 - White Pages 8,0 Mio. Haushalte & Telefonteilnehmer aus Großbritannien - White Pages
Adressdatenbanken Indien 2011 - Indian Business Database 256.000 Unternehmen aus Indien- Adressdatenbanken - Indian Business Database
Firmenadresse Indien - India Business Directories CD-ROM 46.000 Unternehmen aus Armenien -Firmenadresse - India Business Directories CD-ROM
Firmendaten Indonesien 2007 - Indonesia Business Database 230.500 Unternehmen aus Indonesien - Firmendaten - Indonesia Business Database
Firmenadressen Italien 2007 - Italy Business Directory 80.000 Unternehmen aus Italien - Firmenadressen - Italy Business Directory
Telefonbuch Kanada 2012- Canada White Pages 14,0 Mio. Haushalte & Telefonteilnehmer aus Kanada - Telefonbuch - Canada White Pages DVD
Firmendatenbanken Kap Verde 2012 - Database Cape Verde 1.500 Unternehmen aus Kap Verde – Firmendatenbanken - Database Cape Verde
Adressdatenbanken Kroatien 2012 - Firmdata Croatia CD-ROM 88.400 Unternehmen aus Kroatien - Adressdatenbanken - Firmdata Croatia CD-ROM
Firmenadressen Kuwait 2005 - Yellow Pages State of Kuwait CD-ROM 13.500 Unternehmen aus Kuwait - Firmenadressen - Yellow Pages State of Kuwait CD-ROM
Firmendaten Malaysia - SMI Business Directory CD-ROM 2.000 Unternehmen aus Malaysia - Firmendaten - SMI Business Directory CD-ROM
Business Database Mazedonien 2011/12 - Yellow Pages Macedonia 22.500 Unternehmen aus Mazedonien – Business Database - Yellow Pages Macedonia
Firmenadressen Mosambik 2012 - Database Mozambique 9.500 Unternehmen aus Mosambik - Firmenadresse - Database Mozambique
Adressen São Tomé und Príncipe 2012 - Database Sao Tome and Principe 400 Unternehmen aus São Tomé und Príncipe – Adressen - Database Sao Tome and Principe
Firmenadressen Slowenien - Telefonski imenik Slovenije POMLAD 105.000 Unternehmen aus Slowenien – Firmenadressen - Telefonski imenik Slovenije POMLAD
Business Database Slowakei 2012- Major companies in Slovak 56.300 Unternehmen aus Slowakei – Business Database - Major companies in Slovak
Firmendaten Türkei 2009 - Turkey Business Leads 890.000 Unternehmen aus der Türkei - Firmendaten - Turkey Business Leads
Business Database Ukraine 2009 - Yellow pages Ukraine & Kyiv 130,000 Unternehmen aus Ukraine - Business Database - Yellow pages Ukraine & Kyiv
USA - American Residential Databases 269 Mio. Haushalte aus den USA – Adressen - America Residential Database
Adressdatenbanken USA 2010- PowerCont@cts USA 4.600.000 Unternehmen aus den USA - Adressdatenbanken - PowerCont@cts USA
Firmendatenbanken USA - United States Business Leads 11.400.000 Unternehmen aus den USA - Firmendatenbanken - United States Business Leads
Adressen Vereinigte Arabische Emirate - Sharjah Commercial Directory 60.000 Unternehmen aus Vereinigten Arabischen Emirate - Sharjah Commercial Directory
Firmenadressen Vereinigte Arabische Emirate - UAE Free Zones Directory 13.500 Unternehmen aus Vereinigten Arabischen Emirate – Adresse - UAE Free Zones Directory
Firmendatenbanken Vietnam 2012 - Viet Nam Business Database 101.400 Unternehmen aus Vietnam - Firmendatenbanken - Viet Nam Business Database
Adressdatenbanken Italien - DataOffice Italia 2012 2.985.000 Unternehmen aus Italien - Adressdatenbanken - DataOffice Italia
Adresse Italien 2012 - DataFamily Italia DVD 19 Mio. Telefonteilnehmer und Haushalte aus Italien – Adresse - DataFamily Italia DVD
Germany 2010 - The German Export Database Export database of Germany
Germany - klickTel business listings + residential listings Germany - klickTel business + residential listings
Global 2010 - World Business CD-ROM - business database Global - World Business CD-ROM - business database
Global 2011 - World Oil & Petrochemical Directory CD-ROM Global - World Oil & Petrochemical directory CD-ROM
Global - Global Trade Directory 2011 Global - trade directory
Hong Kong Business Directoy 2011 - Address CD Business Directory of Hong Kong
Hungary directory 2012 - TeleTár Országos CD Telefonkönyv Hungary directory - TeleTár Országos CD Telefonkönyv
India address database 2010 - Indian Business Database India address database - Indian Business Database
India address cds - India Commercial Directories 2011 India address cds - India Commercial Directories
Indonesia address cd 2007 - Indonesia Business Database Indonesia address cd - Indonesia Business Database
Indonesia business directories - Yellow Pages Business Directory Indonesia business directories - Yellow Pages Business Directory
Italy address cd - Italy Business Directory Italy address CD - Italy Business Directory
Kuwait business listings - Kuwait Yellow Pages State of Kuwait CD-ROM Kuwait business listings - Kuwait Yellow Pages State of Kuwait CD-ROM
Kuwait business listings 2012 - Kuwait Top List CDROM Kuwait business listings - Kuwait Top List CDROM
UK Business B2B Database Zeroing in on your target customer is the key to skyrocketing sales
Australian Business Sales Leads Australian Business Sales Leads with Email - Reaching targeted prospects
Germany 2012 - BRANON - The Business Directory BRANON - The Business Directory 4,0 Millionen Branchen-Suchbegriffe
Global 2012 - Global Package - Discover Worldwide Companies Worldwide Package - Discover Worldwide Companies - Global Business Databases
Faust Information GmbH
Werstener Dorfstraße 17
DE - 40591 Düsseldorf
+49 211 9769923 (Fax)
Frau Inge Winterberg
0800 9769922 (+49 211 9769922)
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