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AUVESY (AUtomated VErsioning SYstems) is the company behind the renowned versiondog version control and change management software. Specifically developed for industrial automation, this solution is acknowledged as the world leader in its field.
With around 65 employees and 15 international distributors, AUVESY has customers across the industrial spectrum and in more than 40 countries. The company is based in Landau, Rhineland Palatinate, Germany. In 2017, it celebrated its 10 year anniversary.

versiondog provides clear version management and data access control together with manufacturer-independent automatic device backup and advanced SmartCompare change detection. Comparison results are displayed in easily-comprehensible graphical, tabulated or text form. With versiondog, you can be sure that no production-related data is lost and that downtime is kept to an absolute minimum. In the event of an unavoidable stoppage, maintenance personnel always know exactly where to find the data required to restart production, ensuring fast disaster recovery.

Companies that need to fulfil FDA or ISO 900x requirements are further aided by versiondog’s support for detailed process documentation, making auditing significantly quicker and far more straightforward.



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versiondog is the manufacturer-independent solution for robust version control and data management in industrial automation and

used across many different industries (automotive, supply, food & beverage, chemical & pharmaceutical, public buildings etc.).

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versiondog - Your data management solution Data management for automated production
Fichtenstraße 38B
DE - 76829 Landau
Herr Dr. Thorsten Sögding
+49 6341-6810-560
+49 6341 6810-311 (Fax)

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