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PACT Business Management Software was developed in Hyderabad, India by young enterprising software Engineers. Currently, it is being used by more than 5000 customers in India and in the Gulf countries. This extraordinary growth in customer base is not the only indication of the success of our sophisticated software solution; we also get utmost satisfaction in the fact that our customer retention rate is more than 95%.


PACT SOFTWARE SERVICES (P) LTD is an ambitious organization driven by an innovative spirit and a persistent vision. Our goal is to provide our clients with cost-effective, user-friendly, state-of-the-art information technology business management solution. The software design was developed keeping in mind that primarily it will be used by non-technical staffs working in a commercial environment thus making it easy to use with menu driven and user definable settings. The software conforms fully to the user's needs rather than having the user to conform to the software's requirements. Our modular business management solution for small and mid-size businesses is a fully integrated solution that allows automation of all business operations including accounting, accounts receivable, accounts payable, order management, inventory management, point of sale, asset management, payroll, etc.


In any business, change is constant, and it is essential for every successful business to evolve to meet the upcoming challenges in order to compete more effectively and achieve aggressive business targets. PACT business solution is fully capable of coping with the demand for change, diversity and rapid growth of any organization. It is designed to assist the entire organization to get the most out of your business information. It gives you the flexibility to create performance metrics to reflect the reality of your business as well as it assists in reducing overheads, maximizing resources efficiency, improving the quality and speed of the services that you would like to deliver. PACT is fully capable of accommodating your business growth/diversification that could require changes in reporting and analysis. Such changes may emerge from new hierarchies, new dimensions of business analysis, new business functions, new security measures or newer ways of connectivity with remote branch offices, etc. PACT's fully integrated business solution also ensures that when a change is made; the management can evaluate and precisely predict the impact it can have on the business and plan accordingly.


PACT allows customization of business information presentation to each user or group of users by displaying information relevant to their area of business or interest. User focused information prevents leaks of confidential business information and assists the management in providing structured information to the staff on an "as needed" basis. Having the information they need enables them to meet their obligation towards the company and customers.


PACT's development team is comprised of experienced professionals in the fields of computer science, accounting and business management. They share the common goal of bringing feature rich product embedded in cutting edge technology and the best after-sales support to every single customer. Our sales and technical professionals are committed to understanding your business, so that the product can be configured, delivered and supported to meet your organization's specific needs and circumstances.


At PACT we believe that we are not in the business of simply selling the products. We are building ongoing relationships with our customers; through a shared vision to bring greater combined success. Our after-sales services maximize the value of your initial investment and continue to add value as your business grows. We are extremely proud of building strong relationship with our customers and are committed to being there for them at any time to provide assistance and ensure their business demands are always fulfilled.

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