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SoftGuide GmbH & Co. KG - Publisher of the international SoftGuide Software Guide

What is the international SoftGuide Software Guide?
Since 1996, SoftGuide has provided information about software solutions for freelancers, small businesses, large corporations, and government agencies on the german-speaking market with Hundreds of Thousands of Visitors each month.
SoftGuide is where the supply and demand of software solutions meet.

The software guide with about 200 software and service categories, were published online, giving potential customers access to detailed information for individual products. Most product listings offer the potential client the ability to initiate contact with the vendor directly or via email. Many demo versions and additional sources of information about providers and products are also available for download.

Since autumn 2007 SoftGuide is now available on the international market too.

Since SoftGuide is a start-up on the international market, all entries on the international plattform are basicly free.

Allthough after your application there will be a review of your entry by our qualified staff and your entry has to be accepted first in order to garantee the same high quality as in the original german SoftGuide Software Guide.


The primary purpose of SoftGuide is to provide a market overview with current, detailed information about operational software products, industry software, commercial off-the-shelf and system software, and technical-scientific programs to support the selection process at an early stage. SoftGuide represents a huge marketplace, especially on the Internet, which matches the demand of potential clients with the supply of software vendors.

Target groups:
Potential customers:
Freelancers, small businesses, large corporations, and government agencies all have distinct software needs. SoftGuide also appeals to the DP consultants, computer retailers, and technical press who use SoftGuide as a source of information.

Software Vendors
All software producers and vendors who develop commercial software solutions (for any operating system) or possess marketing rights.
Freeware or shareware vendors are not permitted and all such entries will be deleted from the system.

The software information is organized by category and presented in formatted and unformatted sections. In addition to the formatted inquiries, the vendor has sufficient space to elaborate on characteristics, application areas, and special features.

Software evaluation:

SoftGuide creates meaningful product descriptions by asking software vendors to provide relevant information. The systematic representation of programs allows the potential customer to do a thorough comparison.

The so-called K.O. criteria can easily be taken into consideration.


Updating existing program entries is of utmost importance to SoftGuide. Therefore, vendors are contacted at regular intervals and asked to provide updated versions of their information. Vendors can edit, add to, delete, or create an entry via the internet. There is no program entry in SoftGuide older than twelve months.

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For technical and commercial questions: Uwe Annuß, Dipl.-Kfm., Executive Director, telephone +49 (0)5363 / 8094-0 or eMail:

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